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9 questions about Israel you were too embarrassed to ask


So I spent about six hours yesterday brushing up on my Israel-Palestine relations wondering if I could possibly make a video about it. The answer is…I cannot. Just taking a look at my Tumblr ask box has convinced me of that. If I did make that video, I would not condemn Hamas or Israel purely because I am incapable of making that kind of judgement.

This is not me not being true to myself. It’s not me fearing retribution from one side or the other. It’s that the more I learn about it, the more I do not know. This is a pattern…when someone that isn’t involved in an issue has an opinion on it, it tends to be completely useless. Once they learn about the topic, they understand their uselessness. I have come to understand mine. In the script I abandoned, I wrote:

I don’t know what should be done and neither do any of the smartest, most informed people in the world. Having an opinion on how to fix this would be like me having an opinion on how to perform a brain transplant. No one can do it…least of all me.

In my video, my main concern would not be figuring that out, but simply increasing the number of people in the world who understand the conflict on even the most basic level.

In my searchings and readings, the attached link was what felt to me like the most unbiased, fullest picture of the conflict in the fewest words. There are, to be sure, many things that this leaves out. But I felt like it was delivering the kind of depth that, ideally, a video I would make would provide. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the video I’m making for tomorrow. Every time I wrote it (four times) it ended with a me feeling like it was completely inadequate to the task of explaining how complicated the conflict in Israel is.

I’m not saying I’ll never make that video…I’ll keep working on it, but it’s not a two-day task. 

But if you want to know what’s up with the Irsrael-Palestine conflict, this link is the one I would suggest you start with. It’s pretty impressive work.

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swedish-mathematician asked: Do preroll ads really have to be watched 100% for you to get paid? I just had a 3 min ad for some movie before an old 4min vlogbrothers video. I actually wandered off to make tea while letting it run, but I can see myself skipping plenty of prerolls if they're going to be almost as long as the video itself, and I don't want to be skipping them if it takes away your profit.


Do not watch a 3 minute ad for us! We’ll get like 0.2 cents. That’s like being paid four cents per hour for your time. I think if you skip like 10 seconds in we still get some revenue from it. 

Unless the three minute ad is the one for Poo Pourri, which is worth every moment.

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That’s my drink, Milo. I love Milo. I don’t even know what that shit is. It’s like dirt with sugar. What the fuck is this shit? It’s like chocolate sand in a can. I used to eat it all. Dad used to get the shits ‘cos I used to eat it all. He’d go “Hey garbage guts. Two spoonfuls of Milo in the milk”. I’m thinking “Milk? What are you doing? That’s gonna fuck the Milo up”.
Carl Barron, with the most accurate description of Milo I have ever heard. (via t-bumblr)

I can’t heart this again so I guess I’ll have to reblog instead.

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My arsehole brain

Here’s how my arsehole brain works: it holds on to every little mistake I’ve ever made, every stupid thing I’ve ever done, every incident of thoughtless idiocy. Then every time I think I’m doing ok, every time something good happens, every time I think I’m getting ahead, it stops and says, “Hey, remember that time you were a complete jerk? Let’s ponder that moment for the rest of your life!”